Office Staff
What would we do without our tireless front office staff? These lovely ladies greet our parents and students with smiling faces, a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to help that can't be beat!

Officer Rutherford SRO
Offering protection and a helping hand to your children every day.

Cafeteria Manager Gayla Palmer
Not pictured: Roslyn Kyle



 Jeri Whisler     Ginger Clark   Emily Hodges  Sherry Michaels 

    Carey  Melvin Donna Sise  Beth McGrath  Laura Mills 

Junior Primary

Kim Rumph   Marie Casler  Donna Clark   Naomi Hanna   Courtney Shannon 

Kasey Witucki  Amanda Atchley  Tabitha Jacklet  Elisha Tilley

Student Support Services 

                           Amy Burnette                        Jane Boling                    Dan Stoffle                                        Holly Hudy